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Quality at Moonquest

Quality, health, temperament and ability are our focus, not quantity. Each litter is carefully planned and researched.

Success is the proof of our commitment to breeding the best...

Litter: (only two pups) Noah Vom Fluss Park CD x Diademe De Elan

See Pedigree of Trace

Champion MoonQuests Against the Odds UD, TT. Bred for working ability, he also is beautiful and was Best of Winners at the ABMC National Speciality at 6 months of age. He finished his Championship in 4 shows with all majors. An incredible athlete and especially sweet Malinois, he is also trained in Schutzhund.

U-CD Champion MoonQuests Miss Mimi CDX, NA, TT, CGC. Mimi is miss sociality, she loves everyone and believes that everyone loves her. Mimi enjoys working with sheep & 'moving' around the chickens who live in our pasture. Besides her obedience career, Mimi produced our #3 litter.

Both owned by Moonquest.

Litter: Noah x Diadem

"Axle" OTCH, V-NATCH, U-UD MoonQuests Calculated Risk UD, AXJ, OA, PII, O-EAC-V, O-EGC-V, O-EJC-V, Schutzhund AD, TT, GCG, NDD, Super Utility Dog certificate, Multiple HIT/HC Obedience, First & Foremost Obedience #1 Malinois-2000, "Touched By An Angel Star" Axle is trained in Schutzhund and loves working sheep. Owned and trained by Edie Schoepp.

"Eddie" MoonQuests Mr. Ed UD, "Eddie" was purchased to be a companion to BJ Gerald, yet by the time he was two, had 'breezed' through his CD, CDX, and UD winning 1st and 2nd placements on all legs!!! Now he spends his time traveling to horse shows with BJ as both companion and protector.

"Grip" MoonQuests Get A Grip. The Gripper is a successful US. Border Patrol member!

"Dare" NATCH MoonQuests DareTu CD, MX, MXJ, AAD, EAC, EGC, EJC, RS-E, GS-E, JS-E, NGC-V, Herding tested & tracking certified. Owned by Penny Winegartner.

"Hasta" MoonQuests Hasta. Loving Companion & best friend to Gary Ingram & Maria Gonzalez.

"Trace" Champion MoonQuests Without A Trace UD, AXJ, OA, TT, Trace finished her CDX just 10 weeks after whelping puppies. She was more than ready to get back to work & had placements on all legs. Mother of our #4 litter.

"Alis" MoonQuests Aurora Borealis. Breed ring Pointed & mother of three champions (from her only litter.) Ranch dog extraordinaire, Alis is the constant companion of Dave Sholes.

Litter: Ch. Mattole Valley Acton x Mimi

"Yeager" MoonQuests Crown Pilot. Breed ring pointed and best Brace in Show with his Dad. Owned by Debbie & Dave Sholes

"Dagget" MoonQuests Without Warning. With limited showing he only needs 2 points to finish. 3 of his wins were majors. Daggett is the Devoted companion of John Olson Jr.

"Cris" Champion MoonQuest Christmas Magic, OA, AXJ, EAC, EGC, EGC, RS-E, GS-E, JS-E. Pride & joy of Penny Winegartner.

"Zane" MoonQuests Texas Tinsel OA, OAJ, OAC, OJC, OGC, EGC, EJC, RS-O, GS-O, JS-O. Spoiled by Linda Cole.

"Worf" MoonQuests Worf Playmate to Hasta & Companion to Gary and Maria.

"Sydney" MACH 6 MoonQuests Out On A Limb MX, MXJ, AAD Sweet, loving friend to Kathy Eckertt.

"Vapor" Champion MoonQuests All Systems Go CD, TT, MX, MXJ, AAD, NGC, an energetic & talented guy, loved by Lisa Dewey.

Litter: A'Shane OT Vitosha Sch 111 X Ch. MoonQuests Without A Trace UD, AXJ, OAJ, TT - Born 7/28/00

Watch for great things from these boys!!!!

"Shine" MoonQuests Rise & Shine, CDX, UD, RE owned by us, . Planned future...obedience, agility, Schutzhund & breed.

"Trax" MoonQuests One Giant Leap AX, OAC, OGC, WV-E, TN-E, O-EJC, RN, OA, MXJ, SG, SR, EGC, O-TN-E, O-WV-E owned by Norman Minirak. Look for future filled with agility, obedience & fun!

"Allegro" Owned by Cheryl Reiss. Allegro is going to be Cheryl's personal assistance dog & they plan to compete in agility.

"Quantum" owned by Laura King. Future agility, obedience star and loving family member.

"Dirigo" MoonQuests Dirigo, SchH III, his future holds the sport of Schutzhund. Owned by Gary Shaw.

"Fender" MoonQuests Fender Bender, Sch I, CD, RA owned by Eddie Shoepp will follow in his uncle Axle's footsteps, competing in agility, obedience, and possibly Schutzhund.

"Bailey" owned by Craig and Tara Johnson. Bailey's job is to bring love & companionship to the Johnson family, Which he is doing quite well!

"Max" owned by Chris & Charissa Tressler. Plan's for Max's future include agility, Schutzhund, and possibly some detection work.

Litter: Ch Moonquests Against the Odds, UD, TT X Wassup von Christel, RN - Born 2-15-04

"Sketch" MoonQuests Rough Draft, U-CDX owned by Vickie Mickel. Vickie has plans for Sketch to work in Obedience and agility.

"Sally" MQs Along for the Ride, AG1, HIC, owned by Norman Minirak Sally is training in Agility and obedience and has plans to outdo her cousin Trax!

"Brit" MQs Ot's Sweet Revenge, owned by me. Brit will be working in Obedience and Agility.

"Rocket" MQs Gotta Rocket, owned by Maria Siebeck. Rocket lives up to his name and is in training for Agility

"Finnegan" MQs Ot's Big Boy owned by Joy Westwood . His biggest job is keeping Joy company. But he does dabble in Agility.

"Sage" MQ's Purple Rider, owned by Linda Cole. Sage would like to be a world champion swimmer, but it looks like Agility will have to satisfy her.

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