Belgian Malinois

Producing Belgian Malinois who are mentally and structurally
sound, capable of excelling in competitive dog sports.

MoonQuests Treue AX, OAJ,BH, AD - 19KB
MoonQuests Treue AX, OAJ,BH, AD, owned by Nancy Pritz


MoonQuests Treue AX, OAJ,BH, AD
 - 11KB
Ch MoonQuests Bold Revelation
UDX, VER, RN, PUTD, OM1 owned by Moonquest


MoonQuests Zorro Del Sol Y Noche BH, AD,CD,RN - 9KB
MoonQuests Zorro Del Sol Y Noche BH, AD,CD,RN USMRA 2013 MR1 National Champion, 2014 MR2 National Champion, 2015 MR3 National Champion, owned by Maya Conrad

Dock Diving

MoonQuests Twisted Teardrop UD
 - 9KB
MoonQuests Twisted Teardrop UD, PUTD, GO, VER, RE, TD, HCT, SPD, NA, JSA-N, GSA-N, S-BSLA, ASCA-CD, TT, OTCH-O ASCA, PUDX, UDX, OM1, CGC, owned by Edie Schoepp

MoonQuest Belgian Malinois

Malinois for Competitive Sports

My first real contact with the Belgian Malinois came in 1987 when I met a male who some friends had imported from Holland. His temperament and dedication to the family so impressed my husband and I that we knew this was the type of dog we were looking for.

Our first Malinois was an impressive KNPV dog. He was handsome, strong and awesome in his work, but unfortunately for us, had a hard time adapting to our other animals...the parrots in particular. He couldn't understand that they were NOT dinner!

He left us to join the police force where he became an outstanding K-9 Officer.

Our next Malinois was a puppy imported from the Lowenfels kennel, Bob Vom Lowenfels CD, Sch 1. 'Uncle Bob' taught us so much about owning and training the Malinois. I will be forever grateful for him gracing our lives.

Since then we have had many devoted and wonderful Mals who have greatly enriched our lives.

Puppies and adults are occasionally available.
Prospective buyers are carefully screened for the protection of both dog and buyer.
Please call or e-mail for more information.

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Moonquest Belgian Malinois
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